I’d Love It If We Beat Them


Have you ever looked at a kit and just thought you deserve everything, you can have whatever you want, an FA Cup? My credit card, just take it. Well back in the 1995/1996 season Newcastle United had that kit, to be honest with you they had two kits, and it just so happened they would be involved in one of the most talked about seasons and title races in The Premier League’s history. The season itself had everything, goals,unbelievable moments and rants, yes you know what I mean.

The home shirt that season was a little cracker wasn’t it? Adidas were at it again; designing this stormer of a shirt, Black and White with a grandad collar and what made the kit stand out was that it never had the original Adidas logo or the Adidas logo we know today. Instead it just had Adidas written on the right side of the chest. It stood out as did many 90’s just Adidas printed shirts. Black and White has always been cool just ask Juventus and Michel Hazanavicius. The away kit was the kit of kits in terms of Premier League away kits; it’s the Robert De Niro of football kits (we’re talking late 70’s early 80’s De Niro). I,t’s fantastic, hoops on a football kit is a winner, let’s get that straight from the start and again the just Adidas on the right side no three bars or trefoil the second winner, no one asked where’s the Adidas logo? No one cared it was cool, like a late 80’s rave, and, yes they both had that sponsor – best ever, Newcastle Brown Ale. The away and goalkeeper kit had round logos in the middle and the home had oval, but that logo stood out. This kit had it all, none of that Carlsberg nonsense or Chang beer, the Toon knew the score back then. Playing in these two kit’s, the players must have thought ‘were the dogs bollocks aren’t we lads?’ If it was me I would have given them the domestic treble in September. Having a decent ale as a sponsor and a granddad collar on your shirt , and giving Alex Ferguson the shits for half a year that will do me.

450_newcastleass9596a-g8David Ginola playing for Newcastle United in 1997

Just a few short years before, Newcastle were promoted back to the Premier League in 1993. A year before they had just survived relegation from the second division. In their first season they had come third in the league, my brother had the Newcastle home shirt with Andy Cole on, he was in love with him but the next season, Newcastle dropped off finishing in sixth. Then this wasn’t helped by Newcastle shocking us all, and destroying my brothers heart by selling their main goal scorer, in January to Manchester United of all clubs. The team every Liverpool fan has to hate, my brother never wore or looked at that Newcastle shirt again. The Toon had lost their main goal threat and looked likely to struggle next season if they didn’t replace Andy Cole’s goals. Keegan famously took questions about the sale of Cole outside on the Steps of St James Park, something tells me you wouldn’t catch Jose Mourinho doing that.
Before I get on to the season; I have to speak about the manager behind all this chaos, the man behind some of the best looking football of the 90’s, Mr Kevin Keegan; a wonderful football player, a European footballer of the year, a former red and also a favourite of mine, (I have the retro Keegan 7 FA Cup Winners shirt) and Alex Ferguson’s best mate! We’ll get to this later. Keegan turned Newcastle to the powerhouse attacking team they would be in the 90’s, he was a great motivator, too bad he wasn’t my science teacher. Keegan loved the attacking style of football, a bit like Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool, ‘they score 2 so we score 3’ kind of mentality, but it would entertain anyone who wasn’t up against it that week.


The season started with Newcastle spending big on some good talented players; Les Ferdinand was brought in for 6 million pound from QPR, a record fee paid by Newcastle at the time (Andy who?), David Ginola, Warren Barton and last but no means least I had a laugh at this one Trinidad and Tobago most famous son Shaka Hislop yes remember him? Beast.

I’ll have to talk about big Les Ferdinand first he was signed at the start of the season to replace Fergie’s new mate Andy Cole and he sure did the job well (he is definitely allowed a Newcastle Brown Ale). Ferdinand was strong, lethal in the air, brave like a Scouser in the Manchester United home end and a very good looking chap (lady’s form a queue). Many other attributes included being a team player and having great movement, I don’t understand why he’s never gone on strictly come dancing? Ferdinand scored 21 goals in his first 22 games in the league and cup, he only managed 8 more goals that season but he played most of the season with a hip injury. Ferdinand made scoring goals look easy when he was fully fit and you can only imagine how the league table might have looked come the end of the season. Ferdinand was allowed to leave by Newcastle a year later, they were making mistakes even then. He was a world class, all round attacking forward and will always be a legend down at St James’s Park. He would go on to be named the PFA Player Of The Year for the season and I can see why, someone of his class would cost a lot more than the 6 million Newcastle paid that summer in this current market.

Another new player signed that season was va va voom before Renault had an idea in a board room one day involving another French Premier League hero; David Ginola may not have won the league that season but he did however win the player your mother is most likely to fancy award. e brought so much flamboyance and flair to England with that left and right feet of his, he had everything your winger needs, speed,energy and the ability to drop the shoulder and have many opponents just looking and thinking who give him that glue? The ball just stuck to him he was fantastic, Newcastle went and paid only 2.5 million pounds for the player, PSG got caught with their pants down there. Shocking, to let this fella go mainly because of the skills he had and again because he had one of the best barnets I’ve ever seen, his reputation had been destroyed due to France’s bad attempts to qualify for World Cup 1994. No one was too fussed over in the toon about this; one of the early games of the season, destroyed Middlesbrough full back Neil Cox all over the pitch, he’s still having nightmares about that long haired wizard from France to this day. 5 goals was a good return for a winger and one that had been written off in France.

Newcastle signed two players in February to help keep their lead at the top till the end of the campaign, one of which was Faustino Asprilla who was signed from Parma for over 6 Million pound. What made this deal so great was he arrived at St James’s Park in a blizzard in a coat from the Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe, rumour has it Edmund and Lucy were having a game of Subbuteo with Kevin Keegan as he completed his move. Newcastle, at the time of his signing, were nine points clear of Manchester United, we all know how the season finishes and Asprilla has been blamed before as a big reason for this,;but for me Asprilla was one of the only things Kevin Keegan got right in that second half of the season, people say he came in and Peter Beardsley got moved to the right but that’s wrong Big David Ginola was injured at the time so Beardsley was already on the wing and Paul Kitson was up top with big Les does anyone remember Paul Kitson? remember him lighting up that Newcastle team? No I don’t myself, Asprilla was a smart bit of business, he was crackers and as Newcastle Defender Steven Howey said ‘he was as nuts as a box of frogs’, you never seemed to know what he was going to do next, but for all the stick he’s taken he doesn’t get the credit he deserves; he was by far one of Newcastle’s best players in the 4-3 classic at Anfield, scoring and setting one up, always overlooked, and that first half against United he was great if Les Ferdinand had been fully fit Newcastle would have killed that game off in a first half, Sir Alex himself has said he just wanted it over.


A fantastic player in this team who often goes on unoticed was Rob Lee, he was a midfield maestro in the Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard mould. He was always making this team tick in the middle of the park. He was brought in to the club when they where playing in the second division of English football and Keegan told him “you’ll play for England one day”, Keegan wasn’t wrong, Lee would go on to win 21 caps for his country he really should have more. It was Lee who opened the scoring in this world wind season in a 3-0 beating vs Coventry; with a lovely header from a Keith Gillespie cross. Lee told Four Four Two ‘the fact that everyone remembers that team, even though we finished second, makes me very proud. I believe football should be entertainment, and we entertained. I wouldn’t change anything, not even a Premier League title, for playing in a team like that’, This shows how strong a team it was and how all of the team played together, they weren’t the best individuals but together they worked hard and played easy on the eye football, Lee finished the year in the PFA Team Of The Year which shows the quality he possessed and he would later go on to captain Newcastle under Kenny Daglish; a great player who if he had come ten years later would surely be spoke about with the likes of Lampard and Gerrard.

Newcastle hit the ground running winning nine out of the first ten Premier League matches, the ninth win being a 6-1 demolishing of Wimbledon. This game would sum up Newcastle’s season, a brilliant attacking display and the odd defensive error, a hatrick from the goal machine Les Ferdinand equalling a record of scoring in seven straight games. Ferdinand was becoming a Newcastle hero, and making the fans believe the Andy Cole deal had been a master stroke by Keegan and the board, the best thing about the game was Wimbledon had their keeper sent off and had used all three of their subs. No other than Wimbledon’s answer to Johnny Depp, Vinnie Jones went in net, he made some good saves for a man doing a job he wasn’t meant to do, he couldn’t stop the three he let in, a rocket of a goal came from Lee Clark, Ferdinand netted his third and the last goal was just an unbelievable one from Philippe Albert. David Ginola and Keith Gillespie need a big shout out here for their pitch perfect crossing in this game which lead to two of the goals scored on a lovely day in The Toon.
When I do these blogs I normally pick games the team win; here I can’t because two defeats for Newcastle would sum up this story, the first being a game at St James Park, a 1-0 defeat to Manchester United. I have to say this first half was talked about before, it’s a half of football Sir Alex himself said he wanted to end. Newcastle showed their all out attacking set up and should have scored about four, Ferdinand should have had two, Albert hit the bar and Faustino Asprilla missed the follow up from that. The big reason wasn’t that they missed sitters it was one man a giant, hero and legend in Manchester, Peter Schmeichel, I have to admit as a Liverpool fan Schmeichel is the best keeper I’ve very seen, some of the games he kept United in over the years were nothing short of spectacular. The saves speak for themselves and another number one over the last two years, David De Gea has done the same and has become the best keeper in the League or even the world. Kevin Keegan said after the game ‘If ever a team has been hammered 0-0 at half time, that was it’ but Keegan never got his goal second half the goal fell to none other than the Karate Kid Eric Cantona he gave United the lead and the 3 points (it wouldn’t be the first time), going into the game the once famous 12 point lead Newcastle had over United was at 4 points this game would put United a point behide, big players like Cantona and Schmeichel step up in games like that and that night proved it.


The next game, where do I begin, the best game in Premier League history? The best game of football ever? Its up there for sure, top 5. A game you and yours wish you could play on a 5 aside somewhere; Anfield was the location for this, all out battle of two of the top three clubs in the country at the time, Liverpool vs Newcastle, it would be a classic. Newcastle had two games in hand of Manchester United and a win in Merseyside would see them level on points, but Liverpool were third and still had something to say about this truly amazing season. Two minutes into the game Robbie Fowler put the home team one up, a young Fowler was dangerous in the box, it wasn’t long after that when Asprilla got the ball put it through the legs of Neil Ruddock who, even then, looked over weight, how he played in a top three Premier League team is a mystery; anyway Asprilla passed the ball across the box to Ferdinand, who did the rest 1-1, thanks Asprilla.

Newcastle would go 2-1 up turning defence into attack, with Ferdinand playing a lovely pass on the half way line to David Ginola who ran all the way and put it in the back of the net, so easy on the eye. This was all in the first 14 minutes, sick, Fowler would make it 2-2 in the second half, before Asprilla made it 3-2 and showing off his hand stand celebration… big fan of over the top celebrations, surely now you would think Newcastle could see the game out, but just like someone fighting Anthony Joshua you can’t just see it out. The game was made 3-3 By Stan Collymore with 22 minutes to go. Then it happened, a lovely build up by two veterans of football by 96 Rush and Barnes and then a perfect pass to the outside of the goal and Collymore takes it with his right, moves the ball on to his left and sticking his foot right though the ball with such power and pace 4-3 Liverpool, Collymore runs away like the kid on the playground knowing it’s going to be talked about for years and then the camera turns to Kevin Keegan who is hanging over a Carlsberg board. If ever their was an anti drinking campaign that was it! Newcastle had blown their chance to go level with United at the top of the league, I’d tell anyone who hasn’t seen the highlights to watch that game, it’s football porn at it’s best.


Now Alex Fergersion had come out and said teams where trying harder against his United team and that’s why Newcastle had been top, Ferguson loved to talk a lot of shit, good manager, but could spin something out of nowhere to win a war and that rattled Kevin Keegan, who’s side had just beat Leeds 1-0 in a tough game, “I’ve kept quiet but I’ll tell you something, he went down in my estimation when he said that, we’ve not resorted to that; “But I’ll tell ya., you can tell him now, he’ll be watching it, we’re still fighting for this title and he’s got to go to Middlesbrough and get something and…and I’ll tell you honestly, I will love it if we beat them — LOVE IT!”

Kevin Keegan.jpg

Keegan must have been hoping for the same passion he showed that now famous Monday night from his team, but they would loose out on the league, 12 points clear and coming second. Fergie’s mind games worked and he managed to blow up Keegan live on telly.. the rant is still the best thing about the 20 odd years of the Premier League and Keegan never fully recovered from this, leaving Newcastle the next season. He would manage England and Newcastle again but he would never get anywhere close to the season of 1995/1996. This Newcastle team played some of the best football ever seen in an English league but it won’t be remembered for bring home the league title, it’ll be remembered for a rant, a 4-3 thriller and a lovely set of kits.

Too Soon Looking Back At Brendan Rodgers

Before I start this I would like to say this is my opinion, and I know people will have different views on the matter.

The summer of 2012 was another season Liverpool would like to forget we were without a manager again, Kenny Dalglish had departed and we’d finished nowhere close to where this club belongs; the champions league spots. The team was missing something Kenny had signed a lot of average players (Charlie Adam and Stewart Downing) and it felt like we were a cup team we’d played in both FA and League cup finals that year, Liverpool went with Brendan Rodgers a man who had given Swansea a great first season in England’s biggest league and had beaten Liverpool 1-0 on the last day of the season. Rodgers was a single season manager in the Premier League a man who would need time. Rodgers was allowed to bring in his own players and no Director of football was added to the backroom staff, but there would be a Transfer Committee added. Kenny had worked with a Director of Football and it had been deemed unsuccessful, Liverpool would be no better off three and a half years later.


Rodgers can only really say he made four good signings for ‘his’ Liverpool, Daniel Sturridge who scored goals whenever he was fit for the reds and was one of the key players when we made easy work of Arsenal and Everton in 2013/2014; another one of Brendan’s three would have to be Phillipe Courtinho, 8.5 million was spent and Brendan can be proud of that bit of business. Courtinho is Liverpool’s best player since the departure of Luis Suarez – when he plays well Liverpool dominate and win games. He played well for Rodgers and under Klopp you still see what this lad can do. He had a habit of never playing great away from home for Rodgers, but he did put some great performances in while Brendan Rodgers was at Anfield. The other two, I am basing on last season’s good run of games were Liverpool went unbeaten for 13 Premier League games, Emra Can and Mamadou Sakho were a part of the Liverpool back three that were so good in this run, keeping 8 clean sheets and looking strong at the back; both have gone on to look even more impressive this season.

There’s a case for the keeper too, Simon Mignolet depending on what fence you sit on he is one of the best shot stoppers in the league but he can’t do much more, he can’t take a goal kick and he can’t defend a corner, me myself sit on a big massive fence over the Belgium shoot stopper. I was a big fan of Pepe Reina and still don’t see why we let him go, I would love to ask Brendan that if I ever meet him. Reina was up there for years as a top Premier League goalkeeper; I still don’t think Mignolet is, 2 years after his 9 million move from Sunderland and I believe Liverpool need to add another goalkeeper to bring the best out of Mignolet.

Under Brendan Rodgers Liverpool only had one good season and the reason for that, Luis Suarez; the man is world class he’s proved that at Barcelona this season alone. He ran defences into the ground scoring 31 goals that season. Luis played alongside Daniel Sturridge another player, who, when fit looks like a top Premier League finisher – adding 21 Premier League goals to the tally for the season. Steven Gerrard, another world class player who has shown time and time again for the reds why he belongs with the world’s elite. That season was the best I’d ever witnessed a Liverpool team play. We made big teams look like relegation fighters, we scored for fun and then the end of the season came. Rodgers had a job to do with 3 games to go; to get something from playing against a strong Chelsea team, and then win the last two games vs Crystal Palace and Newcastle; doing so would win Liverpool the league. However a fault with Rodgers was he didn’t have a plan b, Liverpool played the same way every week attack the team early and score goals on the counter, if they score 3 we’ll score 6 seemed to be the way Liverpool went about their business. Chelsea didn’t want to score 3, Jose Mourinho set his team out to frustrate Liverpool until they got their chance and took it; then it just happened, Steven Gerrard slipped allowing Damba Ba to score, the game finished 2-0. Liverpool again a week later just had to win to keep some sort of pressure on a very good Manchester City team, 3-0 up and looking great Rodgers set the team out to score 4 more making our goal difference better then Manchester City, Liverpool drew 3-3; again Liverpool were stupid not to leave the game 3-0 up and put pressure on Manchester City. City went on to win their last two games and win the league Liverpool would finish 2 points behind. Liverpool scored over 100 Premier League goals and should have won the league. Rodgers bottled it at the end of the season, his tactics weren’t right in games vs Chelsea and a world class manager took advantage of that; vs Palace you should not drop a 3 goal lead. Suarez made players around him look so much better than they were that season; players like Sterling who haven’t hit the same form they had when Suarez was around. I believe a few other names have never really stepped up to try and fill the big boots of the man who made us all “believe”. He could do anything on his day.


A night to forget in London

Rodgers never replaced Luis Suarez and this, for me, remains a big reason we never built on our second place finish. In the summer he left for Barcelona, 75 million pounds, Liverpool were given for the PFA Player of The Year and they replaced one of the finest players the Kop has ever seen with Mario Balotelli for 16 million. A player who doesn’t work for the team and doesn’t suit Liverpool. Andy Carroll was also a prime example of this; a good player but he didn’t suit Liverpool style of play. A season later Liverpool would again sign a player like these two; Christian Benteke for 32.5 million he hasn’t really added a good performance for the reds and Jurgan Klopp doesn’t seem too up for picking him in his time here at Anfield. These 2 players show that Rodgers had lost the plot. Loic Remy was fast and chased the ball Liverpool pulled out of the transfer over problems with a medical but he suited Liverpool he could have been an answer to a problem. He moved to Chelsea and doesn’t seem to ever play. Another player Liverpool missed out on was Mohamed Salah who Liverpool looked set on signing only for Chelsea to take him last minute. Salah again wasn’t given a chance at Chelsea and has had two loans in Italy with Fiorentina and Roma, scoring goals and being one of the teams standout players another chance at a good attacker gone. Only a few weeks ago Salah admit Liverpool took too long in negotiations and another player chose to play elsewhere. Rodgers isn’t to blame here that is the fault of Ian Ayer a good business man who makes the club good money from sponsors but when it comes to making deals for players is playing in division two. Another deal that never came to pass was a deal for Alexis Sanchez the man left Barcelona soon after the arrival of Suarez but it was the red of Arsenal that he put pen to paper with, and has gone on to look like one of the best footballers in the league, for whatever reason we never got our man, if we had, we may have had a great season in 14/15 but it wasn’t meant to be. Rodgers has said time and again after leaving Liverpool he thought all summer he would bring Sanchez to the Reds, something fans can now only dream of.  So many players have gone elsewhere or chosen to stay put because Liverpool took too long to sort a deal.


As a big Liverpool fan myself I find it hard to watch Tottenham this season as I believe we missed out on another talent, I watch him play and see a young Steven Gerrard, the heart, the fight and the desire, Dele Ali has shocked us all this season. A player who was flying his trade in league 1 for MK Dons last year has stepped up in class in the Premier League for Spurs and has been one of the most talked about players all season, it is said the Transfer Community and the American Owners only deemed Alli a young prospect, again this is only one side of the coin, with no comment ever been passed by the owners, but your left wondering after watching Alli this season his goal vs Palace was a super goal and his first England goal will get English kids excited about their country’s hope for future competitions…. what if? Could he have been this good for the reds could he have replaced the unreplaceable captain? Alli cost Spurs around 5 million pound he was only deemed a prospect, yet players like Alberto and Aspas where given team roles you have to laugh don’t you?


That goal at Palace, stunner

Rodgers also struggled with signing players, he spent just under 300 million at Liverpool and most of us wouldn’t thank him for half of that being spent on the players involved. 10 million pounds on Fabio Borini who I can’t remember having one single good game for the reds, 6.8 million was basically thrown off the top of Anfield when we signed Luis Alberto another player who I am still wondering what was seen in him, he’s back in Spain on loan and is showing good signs of a typical player in La Liga but still not a player who’s going to give Kompany and the like nightmares, another La Liga lad who was brought in after a good season; Lago Aspas cost us 7 million pound; another first class mistake from Brendan, his corner at the end of the 2-0 defeat to Chelsea showed why we should have been looking elsewhere. These two will be great in a league like La Liga it’s made for flair players like these but in the Premier League you must be more solid and ready for a battle, these two weren’t up for cold Monday nights. Brendan wasn’t done there, he was feeling like helping Sporting Lisbon so he gave them 7 Million for Tiago llori, he has played about 2 games and not looked much better than Joey Barton’s French Accent, even Aston Villa who loaned him at the start of the season didn’t play him, he was only recalled due to injury’s, and I don’t think he’ll be seen in a Liverpool shirt again or at least I hope not.


The biggest call I am going to make here is 15 million for Joe Allen, also known to Brendan as the Welsh Xavi, the man after that comment was always going to feel the heat under Rodgers he showed glimpses of why the money had been spent on him. Under Brendan he would play well and then go missing for weeks, but I only feel like now under Jürgen Klopp Joe has showed a run of form, the last few months we’ve seen what we have in Joe Allen, he’s showed all the fans asking questions about his Liverpool future. You could also say that about Adam Lallana and Dejan Lovren it’s only now under Jürgen Klopp were seeing these players show any real form. Lovren has been great this season and his goal vs Dortmund was what he needed it was only a year ago he was missing a pen to knock us out of the same cup.


Rodgers was also famous for his poor loan signings he brought to Liverpool Victor Mosses, Aly Cissokho and Nuri Sahin where added in Rodgers first two seasons but none of them really added anything to each of the teams they played in and after a run of games seemed to all just hang around on the bench for the remainder of the season. Two of the 2 players mentioned have gone on to play for other teams in the premier league, and have looked nothing special, just panic buys for a team that was needing so much more than average players.


Brendan’s last full season at Liverpool wasn’t much better than his first full season at the reds. They just never got going in the first half of the season, missing goals in the team and after a 3-0 defeat to Manchester United in December Liverpool went 13 games unbeaten in the league, very lucky to go on a 13 game unbeaten run I may add, but, it was the way we ended it beaten again by United 2-1, and then we were stuffed by Arsenal 4-1. After that Liverpool won two more games in the league, drew 2 and lost 3; Hull and two of the worst Liverpool team performances I’ve ever seen from the reds, a 3-1 defeat to Crystal Palace in Steven Gerrard’s last game at Anfield. A performance no one will be proud of and a 6-1 whipping away at Stoke City in Steven Gerrard’s last game for the club, what happened that day I don’t know but Liverpool’s Premier League season had ended with a sixth place finish. We also got knocked out of the Champions League in the group stage and got beat by Aston Villa in the FA Cup Semi Final another shocking show by Brendan’s reds. The loss of Suarez and the fact Sturridge was always injured meant the goals needed to come from Balotelli and another new man Rickie Lambert brought for 4.5 million from Southampton; both never stepped up but that’s unfair to Lambert who was never given a fair chance to show the goals he’d scored the season before at the reds. Other players like Lazar Markovic were never played in the right position and looked awful trying to do a job somewhere they shouldn’t be. Alberto Moreno started great but seem to be out of Brendan Rodgers plans come the end of the season and Javier Manquillo who was on a 2 year loan, who started well didn’t seem to play after Christmas and his loan was cancelled in the summer another move that made no logic. The season before Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge scored over 50 goals, the season after in the league Liverpool scored just 51 goals. Liverpool’s top scorer that season scored 9 and that was the departing captain Steven Gerrard after years’ of him playing for the reds he decided to move on to LA Galaxy, that and a 6-1 beating made the summer a frightening time ahead at Liverpool.



A sad goodbye to a true hero

Rodgers again was given money to spend after the board did a full season review of the miserable season for the reds, they decided not to sack a man who had just seen his side beat 6-1, hadn’t got out of a Champions League group with Basel and Ludogorets Razgrad and a FA Cup Semi loss to Aston Villa. That Summer saw the sale of Raheem Sterling, he’d had a great season in 14/15 but the season after was horrific, Sterling missed one on ones so many times and the 3-0 defeat at Old Trafford when Sterling missed 2 sitters before United scored their first 2 goals, you step up in situations like that for this club. I think me and every other red desired to see the back of a player that had turned down a 100,000 a week contract because ‘he wanted to win more trophies’. Manchester City decided to waste 50 million on a man I don’t think is worth more than 15 million, good bit of business by Liverpool, they took in Benteke for 32 million and Roberto Firmino for 28.5 million again we have only really seen what Firmino had to offer under Klopp. Rodgers did two good bits of business in Nathaniel Clyne and Danny Ings. I can’t place these two under good signings as they didn’t get a good enough run to gleam under Rodgers, Ings was starting to score goals before his injury kept him out all season just like another new boy Joe Gomez who had come from Charlton who showed great displays early on. Rodgers brought in James Milner for free and made him one of the best paid players at the club but I have to say I didn’t rate Milner after the first half of the season but again he came back after his Christmas Dinner a better player; assists and a fair bit of playing time since his Turkey Dinner he has showed heart for the reds and that’s all we ask for. Henderson hasn’t shown up this season and with injury’s too I think Henderson isn’t part of Klopp’s plan and am guessing you will see one or even two world class centre midfields brought into the club come the summer.


Liverpool did win their first two games away at Stoke and at home at Bournemouth, but there was nothing convincing about the games; we were lucky to walk away from both games with all 3 points and then we had a great first half in the draw against Arsenal, we played fantastic in the first half having chance after chance but second half we didn’t do much and let Arsenal attack us. Liverpool then lost two games on the bounce to West Ham and Manchester United; the cracks hadn’t gone away and Liverpool looked like the team beaten at the end of the last season and it looked like the season was going nowhere. Rodgers was gone a few weeks later, his last game a draw vs Everton.


Rodgers appeared on goals on Sunday a few weeks after his sacking talking about the so called Transfer Committee that was reportedly going on at Liverpool were he said he was given a list of 3 to 4 players he could sign in a certain position. I agree this was happening at Liverpool but I don’t see it happening with every player brought into the club, Brendan must have once said we will sign a player, no manager would stay if they had no say on players. Brendan never really cracked European football his record in both the Champions League and the Europa League didn’t make for Pep Guardiola like reading. In the whole of his Liverpool career playing in both the Champions League and the Europa League Rodgers and his reds played in 18 matches winning just seven, losing seven and drawing 4 these show a manager not yet ready for a job in the European games played midweek. Rodgers had only one year of Premier League experience as I mentioned before, and then he stepped into the big bad world of European football and fans like ours don’t settle for poor showings on a weekday at Anfield. You would say Klopp has already had two big fixtures in the Europa League and he’s shown what a quality manager can bring you and progression to the later rounds; magical nights at Anfield.


Rodgers wasn’t a bad fella, he just took a job to soon and who wouldn’t have done the same. Liverpool has one of the biggest names in the sports we love, it’s history is there for all to see, but you have to back up your appointment as gaffa of this great Club with silverware, Rodgers took us closer than anyone to the Premier League but he had a player in Daniel Sturridge, who on his day, is simply fantastic in front of goal and Luis Suarez who I believe has stood toe to toe and won with the likes of Messi and Ronaldo this season, players can carry you over at a club and it only takes a few good results to make us all dream of what’s next, but for Liverpool we never got that dream under Brendan, we were left with some great moments under Rodgers and thank him for every single win he allowed me to witness in 2013/2014. My dad said he used to go to away games in the 70’s and 80’s with Liverpool and people weren’t saying ‘do you think we will win today?’ people would say ‘it will be 3 or 4 nil’ and that was the only time in my life I’ve been there myself having that same chat with a fellow red. With this club, you just believed we could beat anyone in that season, so Brendan can be pleased, but I believe we got a good young manager too early and maybe in a few years with some more time to develop in the best league in the world Brendan might have been the right man, but he came too soon, wasted a lot of money whether it was him or a Committee and became the only Manger who stayed at Liverpool longer than 6 months in the last 56 years not to win a trophy.


A new man holds the name Liverpool manager now and Jürgen Klopp has worked well with a team that will need a lot of strengthening to become a top 4 team again but Jürgen has showed what he can bring to this club in the next few years, so again nearly 4 years on, we give another Manager time to work on making us dream again, let’s see what the next three years bring. Up The Reds.

Three Cups, A French Man And A Team In Red

Thanks to everyone who read the first blog and thanks for all the feedback I’ve received. After what turned out to be a heartbreaking cup final for me and The Reds, on Sunday I decided I had better start cracking on with my second blog.
I’m very lucky in the fact I’ve grown up following a team that have played in the best league and competitions in the world. Liverpool has been my team and always will be (we won’t talk about that final) but this week I’ve decided to go back to the first kit and team I remember as a child and one that had great success, Liverpool’s 2000/2001 Treble winning team.
The kit that year wasn’t for me the best but for me it will always remind me of being a six year old and those Saturdays and Sundays watching The Reds. The home shirt was red with white trimmings and white sponsors. It wasn’t trying to be fancy and that’s why it stood out, bold red and white, colours I’ve seen so many times from then on. The away shirt was one of my all time favourites and also the shirt I had – 8 Heskey –  on the back, like I said I was a fan. The kit was basically the same style as the home kit, orange or gold whatever fence you sit on and a navy trimming. The socks and shorts for this kit were belters and often worn by a young me in the garden, Reebok played a blinder with our kits that season for me, they were both solid numbers and both stand out in my mind all these years later.
The Manager this year was Gerrard Houllier, he’d come in as joint manager to help Roy Evans in the 98/99 season. When does a joint manager ever work? Evans was down the job centre by November, leaving the club after a game against Valencia. The two managers had different views on football, Houllier was the first manager I remember he never seemed to shout anything on the touchline he left that to his assistant Phil Thompson a Liverpool legend and a champions league winning captain and he also has the honour of having a picture taken with me. He also had Sami Lee in that coaching team and I believe that to have helped him motivate that team, two former legends who’d won it all with The Reds and had local knowledge.
Liverpool had a belter little side this season which makes it hard for me to pick out just a few key players but I have to start with my favourite player that  season and my first footballing hero, Michael Owen. Yes, I know his commentary is shockingly woeful and makes everyone debate pressing mute on a Saturday morning, but back then Owen had pace. He made Usian Bolt look slow and he just never stopped. He scored goals and he worked hard for the team, something a certain Mario didn’t dream of when playing for The Reds. Owen would go on to be named the European Footballer of the Year after this season, the first English player since Kevin Keegan and you can see why, he took over in the FA Cup Final vs Arsenal with 8 minutes to go , and all season when fit Owen was a beast in front of goal, making defenders look like Sunday league hopefuls. Owen injuries became a worry this season and would continue to worry him all his footballing career. Owen will forever be my first hero but the fact he left Liverpool to go to Real Madrid (we only got 8 million) in search of European glory and the fact we won it 10 months later proves the grass isn’t always greener at the Galacticos and the fact he went on to play for Manchester United means he’ll struggle to get a pint in a Liverpool pub any time soon. That said, for a lot of us he’s still that young lad who scored goals for fun, at Jamie Carragher’s testimonial match people booed and I couldn’t do that, to a player who gave so much this season, there’s a place in my heart for you Michael, next to Luis and Fernando.
Before I speak about anyone else, it’s only right I speak about this man. Steven Gerrard: an absolute sir to all of us following The Reds over the years, but this was his break out season for them, ending with the PFA Young Player Of The Year award, and you can see why he was just hungry for success even at this age. He bombs up and down the pitch and throws in some great tackles and scores some unbelievable goals. Gerrard shows what’s to come in the next few years after this season for me, and his skinhead is easily seen all over the pitch and was something I think most lads under the age of 20 had in Liverpool at the time, (me and my 3 brothers could also be seen repping it). Ten goals that season and a lovely rocket against Manchester United, a cracker vs the Gunners at Anfield and the goal of the season in front of The Kop vs Southampton.
With Jamie Rednapp out for the season, (when was he ever fit?), Liverpool needed someone to captain the side and two fellas did that job. One was Houllier’s best buy, and a hero of The Kop for years: Sami Hyypia. Signed for next to nothing, you’d most likely pay more for a pack of crisps and a Lucozade in the Spar, it was that cheap. Sami was a leader at the back, he was fantastic in the air whether it be attacking or defencing, he was a class act very calm which was needed a lot during this season as his centre back partner Stephane Henchoz had a habit of trying to give pen’s away and doing questionable footballing moves in the box. People say this was a great partnership but I think Hyypia was the better of the two, and definitely had the best footballing brain, that’s why he was a Liverpool player for a very long time, he won everything apart from a league title at Liverpool. Liverpool managed to keep a clean sheet over 180 minutes vs a very good Barcelona team that featured Rivaldo, Luis Enrique, and Patrick Kluivert in the semi-final in the Uefa Cup with Hyypia the leader of a back four with Henchoz, a free transfer, Marcos Babel who was solid and another great deal by Houllier. One of the best moves in the transfer market and a young Jamie Carragher, one of our own and one of the best filling in on the side when he was better suited to the centre of defence, how Liverpool went on to not let a goal in with a team of that quality shows how hard this back four was worked in training, and over the 180 minutes, some people said Houllier was “murdering” the game after the very defensive first leg at the Nou Camp, but you’re hardly going to go all out attacking at that ground. Liverpool also wore their third kit of the season here, an all white number with black trimming which would be the away kit worn the season after. Liverpool also wore the green away kit from the 99/00 season away at Bradford.
The other captain from this season is one of the best forwards to ever play for the club. Robbie Fowler was a local lad from Toxteth, my older brother had this season’s home shirt with 9 God on the back and when I asked what it meant he said ‘it’s Robbie Fowler he’s God’ and there’s no better compliment. He meant that much to the fans, one of your own playing week in week out, it’s great to see, so Jürgen if you’re reading, I play up front. Fowler loved playing for Liverpool you could just see it. His relationship with the manager wasn’t great and I believe that to be the reason Fowler didn’t play as much as he should in this season, but when he played he showed up. His goal in the last game of the season vs Charlton and his goal in the Worthington Cup Final is the type of goal you would try in your back garden but hit over the fence. He was a fantastic servant to the club. Liverpool hadn’t won anything for six years when this season started and Robbie was there for the last cup win and stayed through it all. He had big offers to move away and win more medals but he is rewarded for that after this year, you can win everything with a team but it won’t give you the same feeling winning for the team you supported as a boy.
I have to get rid of the elephant in the room Emile Heskey… as a good mate of mine Paddy told me in a secret location in The Old Swan the other day, “that season it wasn’t whose playing upfront with Owen and Fowler it was whose playing with Heskey”. A great player all season he scored more than Fowler (he did play more) and he seemed to be a great partner for Owen, it shows Liverpool’s team was strong when all three were in the England team at the time, (Sven always knew the score didn’t he?). Heskey was strong and very good in the air which worked well under Houllier’s style of play. He loved long balls which didn’t suit Fowler, Heskey again worked hard for the team and was still young and hungry for success. He played some lovely football in an early 3-2 win over Manchester City at Anfield, always looking like he would score in this game, and early on his hat-trick against Derby is first class. Heskey also had the best celebration by far with that dj-ing thing but he never really hit this form for The Reds again which is sad to think really, as he did have the quality to go down as a true great, I think he is forgotten too much because he didn’t score in any of the finals this year which is upsetting as he was by far one of, if not the best players that year.
Now two players I have to speak about are two players that were signed in the summer and two masterclass signings by Gerrard Houllier. The first is Gary McAllister, when Liverpool signed him everyone was asking the question why? He was 35, and in footballing terms that means you’re looking for your retirement home. The signing turned out to be value for money, Liverpool paid nothing and ‘he’s got no hair but we don’t care’ is still sung around Anfield to this day. Gary Mc’s 7 goals that season always seemed to be important ones, his pen was the goal that got us past a hard Barcelona team and his last minute winner in the derby that season was fantastic, even if he was trying to cross it, and capped off with a pen in the final of the Uefa cup, Liverpool’s number one cult hero and a fella who at the start of the season was given no hope at Liverpool but proved us all wrong, so go and have a glass of Buckfast on us.
When I told my brother last week I was doing this blog on Liverpool’s treble winning team he replied “you have to talk about Nick Barmby.’ So the second player I have to mention is him, signed from Everton of all places for £5.5 million. The first player since Dave Hickson to come to Liverpool from The Blues, and guess what, he scored the first goal of the first Merseyside Derby of the season… couldn’t write it could you? Barmby’s pace lit up this Liverpool team and was a great signing at the start of the season. He struggled with injury towards the end but he scored in 3 consecutive European away games on route to Germany, so he was massive help for us. Too bad his second season didn’t live up to his first in a red shirt.
The season was an all round success with two wins in the league over Manchester United, a home win agaist a very good Aresanl team, two derby wins with the second being one of the best derby’s ever a big thanks to Gary Mc for his winner, your always welcome in my house lad, and 3 great finals.
The first was against Birmingham City, Mr Fowler scores a rocket of a volley in the 30th minute and then guess who gives a pen away in the last kick of the game… Stephane Henchoz. It’s a mad tackle to throw in last minute of any game but a cup final? Good one mate, Liverpool’s hero is the goalkeeper Sander Westerveld, saving a pen from Andy Johnson (who has hair when this final took place) and Liverpool win their first of three cups of the year. Birmingham were in a lower league when this final took place so it should have been easy but we’re Liverpool, we like making things hard.
The second cup final, where do I begin? For over 82 minutes Liverpool are awful, we were lucky not to be 3 or 4 goals down and again Stephane Henchoz makes some questionable tackles and handballs in the game and is every lucky not to have had to have an early shower. Anyway Arsenal were great and they had one of the best teams that year and with some really class players, but on the 83rd minute Michael Owen scores his first goal in Cardiff. I was going mad doing knee slides all over the place, and then Patrik Burger (who my mum fancied because of his legs, women ay), plays one of the best balls down the line and Michael Owen uses his pace to get past two defenders and slots home his second goal. He goes on to do a front flip celebration which i’ve tried many a time to do and never got it right, one day. It’s a dream goal and one that wins The Reds their second cup of the season and beats Arsenal. Hats off to the Gunners they were class but when you have a world class forward he only needs his chance and he will take it. Michael Owen is mustard just for those 7 minutes of football.
The third final in Dortmund was crazy, one of the best nights of my life, 5-4 the game finishes. Goals from Babbel, Gerrard, McAllister and Fowler (another class finish) and then this is what makes this final nuts: Liverpool score in extra time with an own goal by Geli (a secret red i’ve heard) and we win. It’s a golden goal rule, which I don’t think half the players clock on to until they see everyone run on the pitch. I’ve never seen it again and that’s what makes it mad. Liverpool played well and were very unlucky to concede 4 goals. I remember going mad when we won that night, it’s a game thats stuck with me all my life. The Reds still had to play one more game in the League after this game, they had to win to get the third Champions League spot, we won 4-0 vs Charlton again Robbie Fowler the man himself scores another stunning goal.
So that’s it, my first season that I can recall as a young chap, and it was a gem of a season. It’s stuck with me all my life, I went to my first game that season, I saw my club win 3 trophies and I got the bug for doing mad front flips when I scored goals mostly ending with me on my ass. A BIG thank you to Tony Trotters for lending me his 2000/2001 treble DVD this week, you’ve brought back some happy memories. Also a thanks to my dad for taking me to my first match, you most likely got the ale in then too.

The Greatest Football Kit Ever Made?

So here’s the kick off. The first one and where better to start than for me, the best football kit ever made. One of the most sick teams ever to play together: The German 1990 World Cup winning team.

First I would like to admit something. The German football team is 100 times better than ANY England team ever. Before you all start saying I was there when the Berlin Wall fell and that I am Aryan, let’s mention that they’re the 2014 World Cup winners and have won the cup 4 times and the Euro’s 3. Our little country has 1 World Cup win, and we’ve also awarded a cap to David Nugent, 2-0 Germany. I remember watching England beat Germany 5-1 as a kid, all the goals where scored by Liverpool players at the time but the best thing about the game was Heskey’s golf putting celebration which I remember me and our kid doing for about 3 weeks after in the garden. And here’s another thing I must get off my chest: Emile Heskey at that time was one of my favourite players. Judge me. He used to do a DJ celebration that was for me as a six year old was the best thing going apart from my ma doing chicken nuggets and chips for tea. Anyway back to the Germans, apart from that memorable win against them I don’t remember many more when I have been alive anyway, maybe this is due to the fact we have managers like Roy Hodgson and Steve McClaren. All the German managers seem to just look smart, cool and they look like someone you’d happily let your mum go on a date with.

Back in 1990, Germany had 2 World Cup wins as they headed off to Italia 90; they had dreams of going all the way and they also had a massively good home and away shirt to match. The home shirt is a classic and when you think kits I’d most like to own, this will come to mind, and if you have the spare 175 quid that classic kits.com are selling it for, box me one and we’ll have a bevy together. The kit itself is great white with a black, red and yellow pattern featuring its just stunning if you put that kit next to Alex Turner it would make him look like Boris Johnson it’s that good. The away kit needs no description for any English fan – it’s the famous kit seen, when Gazza’s tears broke the nation’s hearts as did the Germans when, Stewart Pearce missed a pen and then Chris Waddle managed to stick his pen on Mars somewhere (the ball is still missing). The green number is another classic kit from the World Cup Italia 90 had some of the most fantastic football kits I’ve ever seen and I will deffo be doing more blogs on kits and teams from this World Cup; it’s very rare you find both home and away kits that are both power but Germany always seem to know the score when it comes to making a great shirt. Again you won’t find the away shirt cheap but its worth every penny. My dad (Big Dave) used to say to me and my 3 brothers growing up watching football matches “I like that kit you could go for a bevy in that” and thats always stuck with me. I love the fact that football kits can be smart and can be worn off the pitch. Now I’m not saying I’m a full kit wanker by any means but I will always think about the kits I speak about, in more ways than one and one is can I have a Guinness and wear that top. Right let’s get down to the footballers.

Germany Home and Away Kits World Cup Italy 1990

The team itself had been to the last two World Cup finals to only get beat by Maradonna’s Argentina and the Italians 4 years before that. The manager at the time was the German legend Franz Beckenbauer, a class football player and a national hero. The man had already won the World Cup as a player, his team was captained by the best midfield player in the world at the time Lothar Herbert Matthäus, (Herbert what a belter middle name). Anyway this man was the first ever Fifa world player of the year which he won after this World Cup and remains the only German to win it, this in itself shows how much he impressed in Italy that summer. He ended up playing in 5 World Cups and he ran the midfield in most games he played in, his fitness, his powerful shot and his footballing brain are what made him so good. He’d basically walk into any team in the world at the time of this tournament. His second goal vs Yugoslavia where he takes the ball from inside his own half and hits a bullet right footer from some way out into the bottom right corner is unbelievable and one of the goals of the games. At the time the world class midfield was playing in Italy with Inter Milan (most of Germany’s matches at Italia 90 were held at their home ground), Lothar went on to score 4 goals from midfield in this tournament, more than any other midfield player at the games and only two players (Tomáš Skuhravý and Salvatore Schillaci) score more both being forwards, no German player scored more goals. That speaks volumes when you look at the strikers in this team.

Another player that travelled to Italia 90 was Rude Voller, (that German forward who’s in the classic 11 on Fifa with a funny haircut and beard combo). A lot of people forget to mention this worldie when they talk about class German forwards you can’t blame them he’s in a good group of lads. Voller was also playing in Italy at the time for Roma and was another player who made this tournament look so easy for the Germans, Voller was involved in the famous incident with Frank Rijkaard in which Rijkaard spat at Voller twice and twisted his ear. Both were sent off and it’s still to this day one of the most iconic and awful moments in football history. Why Voller was sent off I am still not 100% sure, ref must’ve been on the whiskey. Voller himself scored 3 goals in the comp and maybe if he wasn’t missing for a game with suspension he would have four goals like Matthaus.

Germany’s other forward is much more well known in England that his forward partner Jurgan Klinsmann. I remember Jurgan and always will for something we did as kids, me and my three brothers always watched Premier League Years during our summer holidays and I remember the year Klinsmann signed for Tottenham. At his press conference he is asked about his famous diving skills Tom Daley would stugggle to beat. Klinsmann scored on his Tottenham debut and did a diving celebration, it’s always stuck with me just like the man himself, one of the most talented forwards of his time. Like Voller in his day, Klinsmann shows all the skills needed to be a world class goal scorer, after Voller sending off vs the Dutch. He is hard working for the team, doing the job of two forwards and is rewarded with the opener in the 2-1 win. After this game he was said by Germany to have played such a brilliant game and that it was near perfect, so if you ever speak to a German bring this game up and they’ll most likely say Jurgan Klinsmann is a sir. As a footballing fan and a fair one at that, his over reaction to Pedro Monzon tackle in their final vs Argentina is another example of why he became so famous for diving and over reaction and it was embarrassing to see on the biggest stage in football. Klinsmann scored 3 goals at this World Cup. Klinsmann is the 6th highest World Cup goal scorer and scored over 40 goals for Germany, some record. Klinsmann and Voller have gone on to manage the German national team and this again proves that they have really cool and smart gaffas and we have had the wally with a brolly.world-cup-1990-west-germany-klinsmann

Before I finish up, a big shout out to Andreas Brehme the wing back, he scored the winning pen in the final and was the most hard working player up and down the left I’ve ever seen. He is also the best crosser of the ball in this team, unreal and scored many important goals for Germany in this World Cup and made it look so easy. If he played in a centre midfield or forward role I think more people would speak about his performance at this World Cup, he is the scorer of a nuts goal vs England and scores the best goal of the German run vs the Dutch, an underrated player who is normally involved in everything that happens in this tournament for the Germans.

The German’s got worse as the World Cup got closer to the Final. In my opinion they smashed the Yugoslavs 4-1 in the first game, they were unbelievable in that game they made Yugoslavia look like league 2 relegation fighters. Matthaus is super in this game; scores 2 goals and keeps the legend Dragan Stojkovic quiet all game, a proper midfield performance, something Leon Osman could only dream of. The other goals came from Klinsmann and Voller.


That link is all the goals, just watch the way the German’s pass the ball: stunning.

They also batter the United Arab Emirates, but then again a group of 4 year olds could batter the UAE. Again though it’s one of the Germans complete performances at the games, they are fantastic. Again Klinsmann, Voller, Mattaus all score and begin to give Germany a solid start to the games and make sure they would see the next round. They would draw 1-1 with Colombia, who at the time had some of the most nuts players playing for them. Their keeper Rene Higuita who was as mad as a box of frogs, was never on his line. He loved coming out and passing the ball. I’ve never seen anything like it. He’s also famous for doing a scorpion kick when he actually for once was on his line. Another player in that team was Carlos Valderrama, famous for his belter barnet (blonde afro for anyone who doesn’t know) and a very flamboyant technique on the ball, a great team, one I will definitely be looking at in a later blog.  The German’s  weren’t at their best in this game but didn’t need to be as they’d booked their place in the next round and had impressed so much in the first two games people were starting to see a World Cup winning side coming together.

Then June 24th 1990 happened, West Germany vs Holland. I touched on the game before; Frank Rijkaard was disgusting and the way he acted to Voller is such a shame as Rijkaard is a fantastic defender. This game is a good watch, Klinsmann showing after his strike partner is sent off is again as I said before beautiful to watch, he is amazing. In the end the game finishes 2-1, both the German goals are both little gems and my man Andreas Brehme is one of the stand out players in this game. This Holland team had some world class players in it from Ronald Koeman now a Premier League Manager, Rudi Gullit and Marco Van Basten two of my all time favourite players, but this German team wasn’t going home at this stage they are just too good and this game shows that.

The next round is a 1-0 win over Czechoslovakia. Not that much to talk about, a pen is what settles the game. The next match is the game that changed English football in 1990, the semi final match between two old rivals England vs Germany. This game is one of the quickest games I’ve ever seen played, no one lets up for 120 minutes. The Germans were very lucky to go to the final after the way England played and the German goal is unbelievably lucky, you just can’t see them scoring until something mad like that actually happened. The ball takes a massive deflection and goes in over the keeper. A crazy goal that just shows what is coming for England. Gazza looks like a man on a mission after he is booked (which means he couldn’t play in the final if England got there). Again I don’t believe Gazza touches the German player, Thomas Berthold seems not to get touched. Watch it again, it is bad to see and it could have led to a man not getting to play in the biggest international game in the world.  Chris Waddle hits the post at 1-1 and Gazza comes close at 0-0, how England don’t win the game I don’t know. Matthaus who ran the German midfield all World Cup is kept quiet thanks to Paul Gascoigne, he is the player of the game, and that England kit is great so you’ll be hearing more about this team. Germany play in the great green kit and for me it’s the game of the finals so if you have a spare 3 hours give that game a watch, miss the pens if you’re mad about England because they are shocking, as I mentioned before, this would be the case for England still to this day.


If you haven’t got 3 hours heres the highlights from a classic night in Turin.So the Final where to start? It is a repeat of the 1986 final in which Argentina won 3-2 but this one… don’t start it’s awful.  A bad game of football. Germany attack while Argentina defend it’s one of the worst games I’ve watched. Argentina are a shadow of the team that won the World Cup with Mardona, not the player that once ripped a full England team to pieces. They were very lucky to beat Brazil in the quarters. Germany got a pen and score on the 85th minute, Voller went down in the box and my mate Matthaus wasn’t feeling too good so my other mate Brehme stood up and scored the winning goal.


So the best kit in the World Cup that year won. For me the German’s had the best team but got lucky towards the end. If it had been Italy in the final, I don’t think they would have won, a classic team with some of the most gifted players of the time, this was their best team for years and it showed in the earlier part of the cup, but I think they were warn out come the end. So were the Argentina side, thats why we were not treated to another 3-2 . I just hope one day we see a kit as powerful as the one the Germans lifted the world cup in (I can dream can’t I?)

This is my first blog and I would love to hear some feed back, good or bad, anything you think I should add or leave out would be a massive help to me in the future, I am on Twitter under the name @thekitroomblog1 feel free to message me to talk about the blog, any ideas you have or anything football in general.


Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 20.22.17

The squad that won the 1990 World Cup


Football’s Coming Home

This is what you get after months of looking at old football kits and players that played for teams: a blog about what I believe to be the best football kits and the players who wore them theirs going to be some belter’s mentioned over the weeks.

I have three passions in life. Food, music and football. I’ve never claimed to be anything better than Bruno Cheyrou but Liverpool F.C has been with me all my life thanks to my Dad (Big Dave), Weather it was a World Cup Final or a league 2 Monday Night game that some how has managed to get on Sky Sports this man will have it on the telly.

I could always be found with a football kit on as a kid, and our back garden has been Anfield, San Siro and Stoke on a cold Tuesday night when I was growing up, so now it’s time to put my love of football and the kits that make the game so great, on to the internet for you all to read.